Ingrid Michaelson Premieres New 'Parachute' Video on

Ingrid Michaelson has just released her new video for 'Parachute' in which she's truly reaching for the stars. The catchy pop tune was co-written by the New York native, but it took a bit of convincing to record the song herself. In her interview with Entertainment Weekly, who premiered the video today, Michaelson says: “It didn’t feel like something I could put out because it was so poppy." The song was recorded by Cheryl Cole and became a European hit for the singer and X Factor star earlier this year.

Enter Michaelson’s ‘Everyday’ producer Dan Romer, who encouraged the singer-songwriter to get in the studio and put her own vocals to the song. Find out what else Michaelson had to say about the track, and watch the full video on