Tokyo Police Club on Spinner

From "Tokyo Police Club recently performed at the 2010 Coachella festival, but the Canadian rock group experienced more than just a sun-soaked set. The band spent time with friends, talked about their new album, 'Champ,' and took part in a little bit of mischief, which is all documented in their exclusive Coachella webisode.

In the video, the four-piece is shown driving to Indio, Calif., singing ditties and remarking on the traffic. The band is seen hanging out backstage and doing an interview with a local radio station regarding their forthcoming release. The DJ asks whether the band had more money to spend on high-end equipment this time around, and frontman David Monks replies, "Basically. You can hear all the chandeliers."

Later, the band heads to a golf course party, where they are asked to leave, but the dismissal doesn't discourage the guys -- they soon come up with a genius plan to get back in. Watch the full webisode below to find out what happens. Tokyo Police Club's sophomore album, 'Champ,' is due out on June 8 on their new U.S. label Mom+Pop."

Check out Tokyo Police Club's Coachella video below, and the full article HERE.