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Sleigh Bells Get More Year-End Love From Rolling Stone and NPR

December 7th 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, Sleigh Bells are getting a whole lot of year-end love for their debut album, ‘Treats.’ Not only has the band been featured on “best of”  lists from NPR, MySpace and Paste, but now the the duo has landed on Rolling Stone‘s Best Singles of 2010, as well as Bob Boilen’s and Rob Hilton’s personal Top 10 lists.

‘Infinity Guitars,’ ‘Rill Rill’ and ‘Treats’ as a whole are applauded this week. Check out what the tastemakers have to say below. Congrats to Sleigh Bells! (more…)

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells and Tokyo Police Club Make Myspace’s Best Albums of 2010

December 6th 2010

Myspace has released its Best Albums of 2010 list, and both Sleigh Bells and Tokyo Police Club have made the cut! The Brooklyn-based duo landed the No. 6 spot with their debut album ‘Treats,’ while the Canadian four-piece’s latest LP, ‘Champ,’ ranked 31st among the 50 honored records.

The social networking site touts ‘Treats’ as Sleigh Bells’ “buzzed-and-fuzzed debut,” which offers “the musical equivalent of eating a bag (or three) of Sour Patch Kids then chasing that with a two-liter of Mountain Dew.” Myspace also calls ‘Champ’ Tokyo Police Club’s “most ‘mature’ effort, but the fact that they managed to create it without losing their sense of youth or spirit is what makes it such a rare, unlikely joy.” (more…)

Sleigh Bells

Mom + Pop Artists Honored in Paste Magazine’s 50 Best Albums of 2010

December 3rd 2010

Mom + Pop is represented hard with both Sleigh Bells and Freelance Whales making the magazine’s 50 Best Albums of 2010 list. We couldn’t be more proud of our artists!

Sleigh Bells’ ‘Treats’ comes in at No. 6., for being “the logical conclusion of the loudness war; it manages to challenge basic assumptions of how music can (and should) sound.” Preach!

Freelance Whales’ debut album ‘Weathervanes’ comes in at No. 29, being touted  as “whimsy” and encompassing “enough layers of peculiar instrumentation to make Sufjan Stevens jealous.” We couldn’t have said it better. (more…)

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells’ ‘Treats’ Named One of NPR’s 50 Favorite Albums of 2010

December 1st 2010

Sleigh Bells’ debut album ‘Treats’ has been selected as one of NPR’s 50 Favorite Albums of 2010! The list incorporates the best releases of the year, and in NPR’s words, “the ones that inspired us, surprised us and stayed with us more than any others.”

David Safar of The Current praises Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller’s sound, and says that ‘Treats’ is “the impressive product of their unlikely pairing.” He adds that the album is “instantly gratifying, with the pair taking what they like from pop and hardcore and leaving the rest behind.”

Check out the full write up here. Congrats to Sleigh Bells!

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells Get a Slick Unofficial Video for ‘Riot Rhythm’

November 12th 2010

“Heads up…the new video for “Riot Rhythm” is an unofficial fan video,” Sleigh Bells announced on their Twitter on Thursday. “Pretty badass though!”

Badass indeed. Director Bo Mirosseni, the guy behind distinctive ads for Starburst, Ball Park Franks and Virgin Mobile, has graced the Brooklyn duo with a super cool music video, inspired by Karate Kid. Read what Pitchfork has to say about the awesomeness here, and watch the full video below!

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells performs in the UK

August 16th 2010

The London gig on August 7th was reviewed on Drowned in Sound:

"Bathed in hellish red lighting as beads of sweat drip from our brows, Sleigh Bells’ Alexis and Derek take the stage to thunderous death metal, looking like two championship boxers entering the ring for the final slugs in a knock out match. Alexis, eyes the crowd through her cat like glare throughout the soaring stars and stripes riff of ‘Tell ‘Em’. Although, the sound suffers as the OBL’s battered PA robs it of some of its impact, the building decibels of ‘Infinity Guitars Throws’ cuts straight through and finally gets the crowd moving. ‘A/B Machines’ ranks ups the momentum as Alexis flicks water into the crowd as a mini mosh pit erupts."

Visit the site below to read the rest of the review. They got an 8/10!

Sleigh Bells

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