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Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells in New York Magazine

April 29th 2010
Sleigh Bells Get Massive

Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty Images

From "Remember “Thug Love,” the awesome Bone Thugs N Harmony–Tupac song that uses the sound of a gun being cocked and shot as a beat? Sleigh Bells — the Brooklyn duo of Derek Miller, formerly of Florida hard-core band Poison the Well, and Alexis Krauss, who once sang in a teen-pop group called Rubyblue — just did it one better. The drums on the act’s new track “Tell ‘Em” go so hard we have to assume they were sampled directly from futuristic U.S. military weapons training covertly recorded by the duo after they accidentally stumbled upon a top-secret army base while on tour in Arizona. “Tell ‘Em” comes from Sleigh Bells’ debut Treats, out May 11. This is the kind of stuff we hope is playing when the world ends."

Check out the full article HERE.

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells “Tell ‘Em” on!

April 28th 2010

From Pitchfork: "If you’re half awake get ready to be wide awake. "Tell ‘Em" is the first track from 2010’s promising purveyors of all things loud and pop, Sleigh Bells. Fair warning: This thing will rumble your insides if played at high volumes, i.e. the more of those tiny boxes on your laptop screen are white, the better it sounds."

Check out the full article and the first track from Sleigh Bells’ upcoming album Treats HERE!

Sleigh Bells

Mom + Pop artists at Coachella!

April 21st 2010

Mom + Pop artists Tokyo Police Club and Sleigh Bells played at Coachella last weekend.. Here’s what people have to say:


"In front of thousands of people, [Sleigh Bells’] music was on the right scale: massive, blunt and calibrated with jolts and silences to move big crowds. Ms. Krauss was on the move, too: twirling, leaping, waving, headbanging and exulting that the music had a big enough space to hold it." – NY Times ArtsBeat

"The Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells, despite scant recorded output, pushed a lunchtime crowd into near delirium with its metal-inflected party pop." – LA Times



"..earnest power-pop anthems… this band seems to be growing nicely into its sound. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tokyo Police Club playing the main stage after dark in a year or two’s time."-Entertainment Weekly Music Mix

Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Kraus voted Best Frontwoman Hybrid at SXSW by Spin Magazine!

March 22nd 2010


Alison Mosshart’s dangerous sex appeal + CSS singer Lovefoxxx’s upbeat dance-floor groove + Crystal Castles badass Alice Glass’ noisy ferocity = Alexis Krauss, a school teacher turned steamy indie siren leading Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells. Saturday night, she shifted from hip-hop and electro sass to power-rock, gyrating her hips in black tights, a mesh shirt showing a hot pink bra, and gold hoop earrings. She flipped her hair and fired over low-end electro beats and terrorizing nu-metal guitars courtesy of ex-Poison the Well axeman Derek. "No, no, no!" she huffed and puffed. Actually, yes, yes, yes! — WILLIAM GOODMAN"

Check out the full article HERE!

Sleigh Bells

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