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Neon Indian explores the “Myth of The Auteur” in recent TED Talk

September 27th 2014

Neon Indian recently conducted a talk entitled “Auteurs In The Ether” at a TEDx conference in Martha’s Vineyard. Alan dives into the issue of having a single-minded focus on authorship, and looks to answer the question “if your inspiration comes from an inner monologue or an open dialogue, does either one make it any less original an expression?”. There are also some great references to the ways in which DIY culture, originality, and creativity are all changing, and why those changes don’t need to be considered negatively.

It has become easier and easier to do-it-yourself, you could argue that the “learn three chords and start a band” ideology behind punk, was reborn in the mid-2000s, but instead of a beat up guitar and a pawn shop amp, you scored a copy of Ableton Live and a second-hand laptop. We thought DIY empowerment was punk, now we are literally doing it all ourselves.

Neon Indian
Neon Indian

Neon Indian releases new track ‘Change of Coast’ for GTA 5

September 24th 2013

New Neon Indian music alert! Alan Palomo has released a ew track under his Neon Indian moniker, for inclusion in the brand Grand Theft Auto V game (y’know, the one Wavves also has an entire radio station in, which just so happens to also feature FIDLAR. Hooray!). Stream ‘Change of Coast’ now.

“Change of Coast” is available to purchase as part of the official “The Music of Grand Theft Auto V” soundtrack over on iTunes.

Neon Indian

Stream the first installment of our brand new compilation series

June 6th 2013

Remember a few months ago we launched our monthly subscription service, Boombox? Well, since then our subscribers have been hand-delivered digital albums from FIDLAR, Wavves and Polica, have been offered exclusive access to singles from Polica, Beat Club, and Smith Westerns, and have received brand new digital EPs from Neon Indian and Kid Astray before any else has even had a look in… and Boombox is only just getting started.

We have a lot of exciting stuff up our sleeves for the rest of the year, and we wanted to give you guys a taster of everything we’ve been working on (because we feel selfish keeping it all to ourselves). Head over to our Soundcloud player to stream the first installment of what will be a semi-regular compilation series from Mom+Pop, this time featuring singles from Jagwar Ma, Polica, Flume, Neon Indian, Hunters, FIDLAR, Wavves, Kid Astray, Mikhael Paskalev, Beat Club, Animal Kingdom, Smith Westerns, Andrew Bird, and Lucius. Phew!

Mom+Pop’s Boombox VOL.01


Andrew Bird Animal Kingdom FIDLAR Flume Hunters Jagwar Ma Lucius Mikhael Paskalev Neon Indian Polica Smith Westerns

Neon Indian announces ‘Era Extrana’ remix EP, ‘Errata Anex’

April 1st 2013

Just announced — Neon Indian will release a brand new remix EP on April 9, ‘Errata Anex’ (hey woah look, it’s an anagram of ’Era Extraña’). The EP will feature remixes of previous album tracks from Twin Shadow, Actress, Patten, Optimo, and Boyd Rice.

Remember, if you sign up to our Boombox Recordings subscription service, this Neon Indian release will find its own way to your inbox for your immediate download on release date. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a Neon Indian 7″ vinyl release available EXCLUSIVELY through Boombox. Sign up for the service here.

01. Polish Girl (Optimo Mix)
02. Halogen (Boyd Rice Remix)
03. Heart Release (Patten Remix)
04. Blindside Kiss (Actress Remix)
05. Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow)

Neon Indian

Say Hello To Our Shiny New Subscription Service, Boombox!

April 1st 2013

Exciting news — Today we’ve launched our shiny new subscription service, Boombox! Through Boombox, you’ll receive a digital download of every Mom+Pop release, plus a whole bunch of super exclusive 7″ vinyl, all delivered straight to your door (/inbox) on a monthly basis. It’s basically going to feel like your birthday, but without that pesky 12-month wait between each event.

Sign up now and you’ll receive an immediate digital download of Wavves ‘Afraid of Heights’, FIDLAR ‘FIDLAR’, and Beat Club ‘Something Better EP’. The first 300 subscribers will also receive a Boombox tote bag, plus vinyl copies of Metric ‘Synthetica’, Sleigh Bells ‘Reign of Terror’, and one more randomly selected vinyl from the Mom+Pop discography — we’ll choose it when we pack up your order, pretty mysterious and exciting, right? As for that exclusive 7″ vinyl we mentioned, so far we can confirm forthcoming releases from Smith Westerns, Polica, Neon Indian, Beat Club, and Twin Peaks.

Those of you who sign up in April will receive all of the above for only $9.99 this month, reverting to the usual $12.99 for the subsequent months.

Quick disclosure: This is not an April Fools joke, we really are that generous.

Sign up to Boombox now through

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