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Jagwar Ma

Jagwar Ma’s “The Throw” Music Video on MTVU Contest Rotation — Vote Now!

July 30th 2013

Every two weeks, MTVU’s Freshmen program offers up five emerging-artist music videos, and you, as fans, can vote for your favorite video. After two weeks, the winning artist’s music video will get added into the main MTVU rotation!

The current installment features our very Sydney-duo Jagwar Ma. Watch the video for “The Throw” above, and head to MTVU to vote. The ballot closes next Friday (8/9), and you can vote as many times as you want. Go!

Jagwar Ma

Jagwar Ma named on Pitchfork’s ‘Overlooked Records of 2013′ list

July 3rd 2013


Nestled in between inc. and Jai Paul (because it’s in alphabetical order, y’know), Jagwar Ma’s Howlin has been named as one of Pitchfork’s ‘Overlooked Records of 2013′, following their glowing 7.7 review of the Australian group’s debut.

It’s possible to be incredibly ambitious and disarming at the same time, and in that way, Howlin’ isn’t that different in approach to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories– a backwards looking record about loving the present moment, a big-tent affair that can be misunderstood as a reactionary record. (It’s no less reactionary than Noel Gallagher claiming Howlin’ to be more important than an Oasis reunion.) From the moment “What Love” fades in with its loose-limbed, floppy rhythm, Howlin’ ensures everybody will be dancing, few will be doin’ it right, but they’ll all be feelin’ alright regardless.


Jagwar Ma Howlin is available no via iTunes, with a physical release coming August 13.

Jagwar Ma

Stream the first installment of our brand new compilation series

June 6th 2013

Remember a few months ago we launched our monthly subscription service, Boombox? Well, since then our subscribers have been hand-delivered digital albums from FIDLAR, Wavves and Polica, have been offered exclusive access to singles from Polica, Beat Club, and Smith Westerns, and have received brand new digital EPs from Neon Indian and Kid Astray before any else has even had a look in… and Boombox is only just getting started.

We have a lot of exciting stuff up our sleeves for the rest of the year, and we wanted to give you guys a taster of everything we’ve been working on (because we feel selfish keeping it all to ourselves). Head over to our Soundcloud player to stream the first installment of what will be a semi-regular compilation series from Mom+Pop, this time featuring singles from Jagwar Ma, Polica, Flume, Neon Indian, Hunters, FIDLAR, Wavves, Kid Astray, Mikhael Paskalev, Beat Club, Animal Kingdom, Smith Westerns, Andrew Bird, and Lucius. Phew!

Mom+Pop’s Boombox VOL.01


Andrew Bird Animal Kingdom FIDLAR Flume Hunters Jagwar Ma Lucius Mikhael Paskalev Neon Indian Polica Smith Westerns

Stream Jagwar Ma ‘Howlin’ now on NPR Music, Available Digitally Next Week

June 3rd 2013

We’re sorry it’s raining, NYC. Perhaps streaming Jagwar Ma’s fantastic debut ‘Howlin’ over on NPR Music will cheer you up? (That was rhetorical, OF COURSE IT WILL.)

‘Howlin’ will be available digitally in the US from June 11, with the physical release coming on August 13 — pre-order now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/jagwarma_howlin

What NPR have to say about it:

Does Jagwar Ma make rock music or dance music? It’s genuinely tough to tell. A duo from Sydney, Australia, Jagwar Ma combines rock ‘n’ roll signifiers (electric guitars, psychedelic vocals) with pristine dance-music production. The band’s full-length debut, Howlin (out June 11), references The Stone Roses one minute and space disco the next, and neither approach feels the least bit forced.

Guitars and drum machines don’t make for uncharted territory in 2013, obviously, but it’s important to note that Jagwar Ma isn’t a “dance-rock” band. This is the 1960s British Invasion re-imagined with today’s digital audio software, which has some comparing Jagwar Ma to the “Madchester” scene of the late 1980s, when English rock bands took cues from the country’s burgeoning rave culture.

The electronic impetus in this case is Jagwar Ma producer (and partial namesake) Jono Ma, who recorded much of Howlin with singer Gabriel Winterfield in a barn in northern France. Ma sounds like a producer coming into his own after years of collaborating; he has an impeccable feel for when Winterfield’s anthemic delivery should give way to an 808 drum machine. The hybridization peaks in “Uncertainty,” one of the year’s best songs so far.

Those barn recordings eventually made their way to Ewan Pearson, one of the premier British remixers of the past decade; he put the finishing touches on most of these songs. It’s unclear how much he added to the mix, but his sharp production style is all over this album.

Of course, just because you can mix rock and dance music, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. But Howlin largely nails that sweet spot between singing along to a song and losing yourself in it.


The band will be arriving in the US at the end of September for their first EVER North American shows, dates and tickets below:

09-30 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge (Tickets)
10-01 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands (Tickets)
10-03 San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop (Tickets)
10-04 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo (Tickets)

Jagwar Ma

Say hello to Jagwar Ma, the newest member of the Mom+Pop family

May 30th 2013

We’d like to officially announce that Jagwar Ma have joined the Mom+Pop family, and we will be releasing their frankly AMAZING debut album ‘Howlin’ digitally on June 11 (pre-order here), and physically on August 13.

If you’re not familiar with Jagwar Ma already, you can check out their recent video for ‘Man I Need’ right here:

You can stream their 35-minute FADER mix right here:

And you can gaze upon this photo of their adorable faces right here:

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

The band will also be heading this way in late September for a handful of shows in New York, San Francisco, and LA, not to be missed! Dates below:

09-30 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
10-01 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands
10-03 San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop
10-04 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo

Jagwar Ma

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