Flume Wraps Music From Skin with Final Track "Hyperreal" feat. Kucka

Just over year ago, Flume brought us 'Skin.' The 16-track album featured notable artists like Tove Lo, Beck, Vince Staples and more and would eventually go on to win the GRAMMY for Best Dance/Electronic album. 

With standout tracks like "Never Be Like You" feat. Kai and "Say It" feat. Tove Lo, the album showcased Harley's ability to reach a wider audience while staying true to the trademark sound that got him where he is today. 

Rather than kick back and ride the wave of a hit album, Harley decided to release batches of new songs and remix interpretations. The new tracks came in the form of Never Be Like You (Remixes), Say It (Remixes), Companion EP I, Companion EP II and most recently Skin: The Remixes

Now, on the vinyl release date of Companion EP II, Flume has unleashed the final track from the Skin story, "Hyperreal" feat. Kucka. Kucka's ethereal vocals may sound familiar to those fans of the track "Numb & Getting Colder" off 'Skin.'

Listen to the track below and be sure to listen to the entire 'Skin' collection wherever you get your music!