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Alina Baraz, a Los-Angeles based singer and songwriter, is the "next leading star of the emerging class of leftwing pop singers." Alina invites listeners on an explorative journey that challenges their perspective and frees the mind of all boundaries. 

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, and the first child in her family born in America, Alina was introduced to music at a young age by her classically-trained parents. At 19, she discovered her passion for songwriting during the creation of her first song "Roses Dipped in Gold." Following her new-found passion, Alina quickly relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her music career full-time. 

Alina eventually caught the attention of electronic musician Galimatias, who she connected with via Soundcloud after recording her own lyrics over one of his previously-released instrumentals, which would ultimately become their first collaboration, entitled "Drift." Over a year later, their work culminated into the Urban Flora EP, a comprehensive trove of their collaborations to date.


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Urban Flora (2016)

Urban Flora (2016)

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