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Lucius’ album ‘Good Grief’ now streaming on NPR’s First Listen

Lucius has created quite the buzz about their upcoming album ‘Good Grief,’ out March 11. You’ve probably already heard their single, “Born Again Teen,” which the band played live last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The group has also released three more early singles, “Madness,” “Something About You,” and “Dusty Trails” which you can listen to here.

With tracks that range from intimate to explosive, and cross genres by the minute, ‘Good Grief’ invites a listening experience that is as enjoyable as it is critical.

NPR writes, “As rapturous as Good Grief feels in its catchiest moments, it’s all in service to songs that touch on the dueling bittersweet experiences of love. Throughout the album, Lucius offers up intimate snapshots in the arc of a romance — from early excitement (“Born Again Teen”) to stormy fights and the lonely aftermath of “My Heart Got Caught On Your Sleeve.”

Listen below to see for yourself and be sure to grab your tickets fast as their US tour is selling out fast. You can pre-order your copy of ‘Good Grief’ here