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Kindness FADER cover unveiled, talks in-depth about new album “Otherness”

To coincide with the very exciting announcement of Kindness’ second album “Otherness” (out October 14 on Mom+Pop), FADER have unveiled their Fall cover stars: Kindness, and Nicki Minaj!

“The spirit of Bainbridge’s music is perhaps best summed up with the backstory to “Who Do You Love?,” which he relates to me in the cozy kitchen of his friend Aymie’s house in Dalston. It starts with a night of drunkenness in Sweden with Robyn and her boyfriend, videographer Max Vitali, when the trio encounters an aggressive stranger on the way home. “He seems obsessed with being dismissed by people and his place in society—he’s a metalhead, he’s just angry about everything,” Bainbridge explains, jokingly. Although Bainbridge would rather play it safe and leave, fearing the newcomer could turn nasty, Vitali engages him, and the guy invites them back to his guitar shop. An impromptu 5AM jam session ensues, much to the delight of their host. Bainbridge continues, “The next day, hungover as fuck, we’re trying to piece together the night before, and we realize that guy and that experience are going to be the inspiration for the song we have to write. Because it was perfect: it really fit this idea of, what are you really that upset about? Why can’t you just be? He was alienated, an angry metalhead in a society that was so used to dismissing him, and I think when he saw Robyn he expected her to dismiss him, too. [Going back to the man’s shop] was a risky, crazy thing to do, but now that the song is finished, when we make the video, we should track him down. We should put him in the video.”

Read the full feature over on FADER.

Kindness LP2 “Otherness” is available to pre-order now on iTunes, with an immediate download of album-opener “World Restart” featuring Kelela and Ade.