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Watch a beautiful Courtney Barnett acoustic session of “Bein’ Around”

During her last NYC visit, Courtney Barnett stopped off at the Brooklyn waterfront to capture a beautiful acoustic live session of “Bein’ Around”, the Lemonheads cover we’ve been raving about for the past few weeks. Watch the session below, and head over to premiere-outlet Interview Magazine to read the full feature.

Courtney Barnett on The Lemonheads:
“I like them a lot. I was a bit late to discovering them, as with everything else. I bought a copy of Hotel Sessions last year and re-discovered how good that shit is—especially “Paid to Smile.” I was just so jealous of “Bein’ Around” and wished I had written it, so I started singing it at shows, regrettably having to announce it as a cover. Plus we used to do a band version of “Shame About Ray” because it’s just fun to play. So, yeah, I guess they are important.”

Also this week, Courtney Barnett appeared as a guest on WXPN’s World Cafe. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in live (or, you just want to hear it one more time!), head over to NPR now for the full stream. As an added bonus, WXPN also shared an in-studio video of Courtney and her band’s performance of “Avant Gardener”. Watch below.