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Courtney Barnett unveils “Anonymous Club” video, “A Sea of Split Peas” out now!

Happy Courtney Barnett release day! Courtney’s wonderful “The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas” is officially out now in North America, and available to purchase from iTunes. Alternatively, head over to your local independent record store, where you will also find copies of a super limited hand-drawn Courtney Barnett zine, illustrating the (sometimes lacklustre) window views Courtney experiences as she travels across the world — “A View to a Gig” is available now, free with any purchase.


To make “The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas” release day even more exciting, Courtney also today unveiled an adorable animated video by Celeste Potter for album-track “Anonymous Club”. Watch now, following a premiere on The Quietus.

Here’s a note from Celeste:

When I was making this video, I thought a lot about how dust is mostly dead skin cells; and when I spend time with someone, pieces of us are floating about around our heads. The space between you and me is made of us. I also thought about how we form one another through our shared experiences. I just wanted to make a video that communicated a feeling of people creating one another through relationships. All the dust and relationships makes me feel so connected to others but also incredibly lonely at the same time. I wanted to help people feel that. I think Courtney’s song feels like that.