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To celebrate their new album, Polica unveil a set of five “Chain My Name” remixes

To celebrate the release of their fantastic second album “Shulamith” (out now!), Polica have unveiled a set of five “Chain My Name” remixes from Perera Elsewhere, Seams, Allan Kingdom, Paper Tiger, and Pony Bwoy. Each unveiled throughout the past week on Yours Truly. Check what the site had to say about each rework, and stream all five below.

Perera Elsewhere
“Perera Elsewhere slow burns Poliça’s “Chain My Name” into a bubbling and boiling flame, one that requires every replay until the end of the day.”Yours Truly

“Rather than taking the already raucous boom clap of Poliça’s original and slowing it to a candlelight flicker, the Berlin based producer rips it into a disco-jammed shimmy. With pulsating zigs and zags + a steady thump of a bassline Seams lets your mind wander about what happened last night, but also clears the air with the right amount of everything in this remix.”Yours Truly

Allan Kingdom
“It’s hard to deny the bounce that Allan Kingdom brings to the table. Having already given us one of our favorite rap songs of the year, he works production, vocals, and a verse all to his own to make something that’s twists the original from a boogie to a haunting bounce that crawls along at just the right pace.”Yours Truly

Paper Tiger
“Paper Tiger takes Poliça’s “Chain My Name” and brings it to soaring heights. From the first handclaps to the rumbling bassline there’s very little here that wouldn’t fit while zooming through the air staring at the slowly growing buildings down below. Get l ost in something that’s incredibly exciting.”Yours Truly

Pony Bwoy
“This is something you can fall asleep to, and also make out to, and cry to. There’s a lot of emotions here and all of them are the right emotions.”Yours Truly

“Shulamith” is available to purchase now on iTunes: