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Lucius reveal debut album details, and new single “Hey, Doreen”

An exciting morning indeed. The announcement has officially been made: Lucius‘s debut full-length, titled Wildewoman, will be released on October 15th.

Accompanying this news comes the album’s first single, “Hey, Doreen”—a “soulful song…powered by fuzzy guitar hits, soft organ tones, electronic effects, and reverberating keys, making for a very modern take on some classic ideas.” The spot-on quote comes from Spin, which is also where you can hear the new tune.

Album art and tracklist follow.


1. “Wildewoman”
2. “Turn It Around”
3. “Go Home”
4. “Hey, Doreen”
5. “Tempest”
6. “Nothing Ordinary”
7. “The Two of Us on the Run”
8. “Until We Get There”
9. “Don’t Just Sit There”
10. “Monsters”
11. “How Loud Your Heart Gets”

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