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Jagwar Ma named on Pitchfork’s ‘Overlooked Records of 2013′ list


Nestled in between inc. and Jai Paul (because it’s in alphabetical order, y’know), Jagwar Ma’s Howlin has been named as one of Pitchfork’s ‘Overlooked Records of 2013′, following their glowing 7.7 review of the Australian group’s debut.

It’s possible to be incredibly ambitious and disarming at the same time, and in that way, Howlin’ isn’t that different in approach to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories– a backwards looking record about loving the present moment, a big-tent affair that can be misunderstood as a reactionary record. (It’s no less reactionary than Noel Gallagher claiming Howlin’ to be more important than an Oasis reunion.) From the moment “What Love” fades in with its loose-limbed, floppy rhythm, Howlin’ ensures everybody will be dancing, few will be doin’ it right, but they’ll all be feelin’ alright regardless.

Jagwar Ma Howlin is available no via iTunes, with a physical release coming August 13.

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