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An Horse’s Dressed Sharply is Spinner’s Video of the Day

Watch the video Alan Del Rio Ortiz-directed video below, and jump over to to read the full write up.

“It was a lot of fun sitting in the dark in the Chelsea reading creepy tarot cards,” An Horse’s Kate Cooper tells Spinner about their new video, which was shot at New York’s legendary Chelsea Hotel with director Alan Oritz. “Alan was really excited that we could drink wine. He figured this would loosen us up. Damon [Cox, bandmate] told him I was allergic to it. I think he was pretty disappointed. I think he was hoping for debauchery. Instead he got me talking too much while Damon and I sculled his grape juice. Another highlight was taking money out of Alan’s bank account on camera. It was the most money I had seen in a long time. I like that Alan had a very strong vision with this song. I really liked his take on it.”