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Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Kraus voted Best Frontwoman Hybrid at SXSW by Spin Magazine!


Alison Mosshart’s dangerous sex appeal + CSS singer Lovefoxxx’s upbeat dance-floor groove + Crystal Castles badass Alice Glass’ noisy ferocity = Alexis Krauss, a school teacher turned steamy indie siren leading Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells. Saturday night, she shifted from hip-hop and electro sass to power-rock, gyrating her hips in black tights, a mesh shirt showing a hot pink bra, and gold hoop earrings. She flipped her hair and fired over low-end electro beats and terrorizing nu-metal guitars courtesy of ex-Poison the Well axeman Derek. "No, no, no!" she huffed and puffed. Actually, yes, yes, yes! — WILLIAM GOODMAN"

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